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Senior Production - Week 10

This week is the final push. Our feature lock is today and we have met what we set out to do which is pretty cool! Throughout this week we've had some major changes to the game. We decided to cut out the Alfar boss and replace him with a duo boss fight, a Troll and a Worm fight in the same arena. With that change our Narrative team had to do some serious rewrites, thankfully they were able to pretty much get that done quickly without any issues. Personally, I completed the Progression prototype so it is officially ready to be handed off to the programmers to be implemented in the game. I also did the rough drafts of our Senior Show poster and our Team Reel, which I think is a great start for such a short amount of time. Looking forward, these next few weeks will be a mad rush to the finish trying to get everything we need in the game done. I think we'll be able to hit our mark and deliver a game that people are waiting to play!

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