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Senior Production - Week 5

This week was a whirlwind. We started out on Saturday with a meeting between myself, Riley, Jed, and Gabby where we discussed the customer personality/dialogue system. We ended up simplifying it so that the trust system was the most effective behind the scenes and the player can appeal to a customers 4 attributes, function, intelligence, ignorance, and aesthetics. The player will select a dialogue option that correlates to one of those attributes and if done correctly the player will earn a profit increase between 5%-20%. With that finally figured out and solidified, Gabby went back to work and has the personality portion done and expects the dialogue portion to be done next Friday. Now I am trying to focus on the progression system, a way to manage player progression by keeping track of their gold earned, adventurers recruited, number of quests completed, specific arcs completed, etc. This system will also manage how we deal out the bosses and monster encounters. We will also give the player new items to the player the more they progress. Overall, I think this week was pretty good but I think we'll be in the best position once we have our dialogue system implemented and can start putting all of our narrative in the game.

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