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Senior Production - Week 3

This week was mainly about back end work. Programmers worked on creating design tools so when it came time to balance and implement our content the designers could do it efficiently. Narrative designers worked on divvying up the character dialogue, arc quests, and narrative bible so when it comes time to implement our narrative it will be much faster than writing all of that content in the moment. Gameplay designers have been designing our beefed up Adventurer System and created a document to hand off to the programming team to make the tools, and have been creating block outs of the boss arena's for the tutorial and Lava Worm. Artists have made the Grand Master character model and are rigging him up, he should be in the game relatively soon. Artists have also been making assets for the Boss Arenas, such as rock walls, boulders, and other large decorative pieces. Our first boss model (Ice Worm) is scheduled to be done by Feb. 14th and should be implemented soon after.

In class, Professor Bemis expressed his concern that we aren't moving fast enough with the time we have left. I agreed with him and met with the team leads to discuss this. We came to the conclusion that we could have about 6 new things to show off next time we meet up, from the programming team we should have our new Personality system and new Ice Worm behavior. From the art team we should expect our Grand Master model, Ice Worm model, and a generic customer model to relatively complete the shop aesthetic. From the design team we will have the first pass of our new UI layout and the new dialogue system that fits with the personality system.

All in all, we have definitely been doing work and have made some great progress for planning in the long term, but we really need to focus on the week to week presentations in class to show what we are doing opposed to just showing documents and back end editor tools.

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