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Senior Production - Week 9

Spring Break has come and gone and now we are in the final weeks of our cycle. This week will be the second to last week before our feature lock, meaning no new systems, mechanics, or any of that can be added after next Friday. We're pretty close to meeting our deadline, I have been making great headway on the Progression System Prototype just need to clean some stuff up and program a few more counters then it should be ready to be handed off. The programming team is working hard on the dialogue system which is in it's final steps of development and the bosses will have their mechanics all programmed. The biggest thing I can think of this week is our decision to cut the Dark Elf boss. We found out it would be more prudent for us to focus on the 5 different types of bosses in our remaining weeks than try and model, texture, animate, and program a new one. So our final boss encounter will pit the player against a Worm and a Troll in the same arena. The one hiccup on the design end about this decision was that our narrative was already done and we had to go back and rewrite the ending, but at least we have 3 narrative designers so that will be done quickly.

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