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Senior Production - Week 8

It's Spring Break this week so the team and I were scattered to the wind, but that doesn't mean we weren't productive! Before break started, my team and I met up and discussed all the things we wanted to accomplish over break, I decided to take on prototyping our Progression System so the programmers can more or less copy and paste my work into the build and connect it to the current in-game systems. As the prototype stands right now, I have the UI framework there it just needs to be cleaned up, I have 2 requirements implemented one being a gold counter to see how much gold the player has and if it's over a certain amount, the second requirement is when the player recruits an adventurer. I plan on adding two more requirements for the other two adventurers and then I have to make certain requirements involving selling items a certain amount of times, having certain items in the player's inventory, and beating certain bosses. Hopefully I'll have all of that in by this friday so I can hand it off to the programming team on Saturday. Speaking of the programming team I did have a bit of correspondence with Dmitri (our lead programmer) and he gave me a small update on our long-awaited dialogue system, he told me that he got it to stop crashing the engine but when he would run it, it would spit out these random names and values so he spoke with Gabby who is hopefully going to get it cleaned up and working in a basic sense in the build. So hopefully we'll have that in soon and then all of our features should be in! Fingers crossed folks.

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