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Senior Production - Week 6

This week was a bit hectic. It started out with me creating the document for the Progression system. This system is set up to be similar to how Sid Meyer's Civilization games, where as the player discovers new technologies they will advance into "Ages". We will be doing the same thing but with Ranks. So as the player plays our game, the game will keep track of all that they do and keep records. These requirements will be a variable of things from how much profit the player has earned, how many times they have beaten a certain boss, or how many times they have sold a specific item, and so on and so forth. As they complete these requirements and advance in rank, the player will unlock new items, quests, adventurers, and narrative elements. After documenting that system, I had to revise the Adventurer system based on some concerns from the programming team. During our Wednesday meeting Dmitri brought up work load concerns and that if we kept our Adventurer system as complex as it is we would have to sacrifice other aspects of our game. We compromised on keeping leveling up adventurers, health bar, and equipping adventurers. After that compromise, I updated our documentation and we are all set for that. The next biggest thing was a discussion about the dialogue system and how some of the more niche parts of it behaved. We figured all that out on our Wednesday meeting as well.

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