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Capstone - The Final Push

It's the night before the final presentations and my team and I have been rehearsing our presentation for pretty much the whole day today. A few of the groups even organized for a dry run of what we'll be saying tomorrow and what our presentations are like. I personally have been going over my slides, figuring out ways to explain our game, why this game should matter to players, and what we want to accomplish if we go forward next semester, all while trying to fit it into 10 minutes. It was kind of fun thinking back on all the progress my team has made since the start of this semester, like how much a divide we had in the beginning and how many test sessions we had of just showing theme boards to try and figure out what theme best fits our intended experience. It's kind of hard trying to put 12 weeks and around 978 hours of work into a presentation that's as long as an average YouTube video. But at the spot we're in right now, I feel pretty confident in us, we have our slide show organized and ready and our trailer created and implemented. Now we just have to wait until tomorrow, then it's in the hands of the professors what happens next.

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