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Capstone - Meeting with Professor Manley and Creating Narrative Arcs

Today I had my final Discipline Review with Professor Manley to determine what specifically he was looking for in terms of narrative for our game. I shared with him what I wrote yesterday and he felt like that was too epic for what kinds of systems we had built. He recommended having a much more intimate narrative and told me that we should focus on telling the player about the monster they would fight. He said that sending adventurers out on adventures to locate the monster where the player would fight it, interactions with customers who survived the monster to tell the player about its attacks. I really liked that idea so I brought it too my team and Dmitri (our Programmer) said we should think about this like a television show's arc, with rising action a climax and a conclusion. We discussed this arc idea a lot and found that our current systems match this perfectly. We would have the player complete a basic tutorial to learn the controls, then a customer would come in and tell the player about the monster attacking trading caravans, the player would recruit that person as an adventurer and send them out to investigate the attacks, then the player would have to try and go to a supplier but the route will be blocked by the monster, the player will then send out their adventurer on two more quests to learn about the monster and its attacks and once the adventurer comes back the player will have to face the monster. If the player doesn't, then the monster will block the roads to the other suppliers until the player is ultimately forced to fight the monster. We discussed using this Narrative Arc System next semester if we make it past cuts so we can have a few different narratives in the overall world. I feel like this is what Professor Manley is looking for so we decided to try and impliment this and challenge next monday.

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