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Capstone - Creating a Narrative

This past week we learned we did not make it into the Vertical Slice stage, however Professor Manley thinks that we are close. He has mentioned to us before how our game, The Grand Master , has all the systems in place but those systems are tools to bring a narrative to the player. He believes we aren't hitting that point yet. I took that to heart and spent most of today looking at some different pieces of media that match the kind of world we're trying to build. I looked at the Game of Thrones books and shows, The Elder Scrolls game series, some Tolkien books, and a wide variety of different inspirations of fantasy. I finally started writing down some places and setting that could be important for building out a world that we would like our game to take place in. I named the continent Fortaris, which would be the larger setting of the game, where all the monsters, suppliers, and adventurer quests would be found. Then I referenced a name we came up with a few weeks ago, Yhomstad. This would be the village that the player's shop would be in and kind of their center of operations. Next I wanted to create some kind of empire that would take up most of this continent, I researched some of the worlds largest empires and tied two together to create the Ronevin Empire, this empire takes inspiration from the Roman Empire and the Angelevin empire (British Isle and western seaboard of France). I then thought of some sort of conflict that would cause monsters to go berserk, so I thought about what if there was another empire clashing with the first and that was how the monsters began rampaging. I created the Byzhan Dynasty, a contender to the Ronevin Empire and put them both at war. I think this is a good start to building out the world and will share what I came up with to my team tomorrow at our meeting.

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