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Capstone - QA Results and Challenging into Vertical Slice

This past QA session we were testing to see how players felt about getting inventory and how the items flesh out the narrative. Most people felt like they got a basic idea of there being a narrative, but nothing to what we were trying to project of this world we created. One interesting thing that I thought was kind of cool was how there was kind of a debate about the best way of getting items is. Some people saying that fighting the boss was the best way, others believed that going to a supplier and buying items and selling them for a larger profit was the best way. This kind of debate is what we wanted, to cater to multiple play styles. The more thrill-seeking players would try and fight the worm to get their inventory while the more strategy-focused players would try and utilize the suppliers, net worth, and adventurer systems. We feel like with this information and all the progress we made, we are going to try to get into Vertical Slice. Even if we don't make it in we can at least get a focus on what to work on moving forward.

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