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Capstone - Thursday Testing Results and Narrative Direction

We tested out current build this past Thursday, we were looking for how the player interpreted the dialogue puzzles and how they solved them with the item flavor text. From what I read, most people were able to pick out the customers true items very easily using the flavor text. One question we asked testers is should we make the item text longer and more narrative heavy. Testers responded by saying no, they liked the short and sweet text, but they would like to see how those items fit into the world. With our main systems pretty much in place, we need to focus more on our narrative direction. One idea that was brought up in a discipline review with Professor Bemis was the idea that the Adventurers would be sent on quests to keep back monsters, and if they failed the quest a certain amount of time that would be a reason for the player going out of the shop to fight the encroaching monster. I plan on pitching this thought to my team tomorrow during our meeting.

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