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Capstone - QA Testing, Discipline Review, and Updates

This week went pretty good in terms of work and feedback for our game. It started off with the team making it into Proof of Concepts and Professor Manley challenging us to solidify our Art and Audio direction while also coming up with a plan to make our merchant system stand out from our other two systems. My team came together and went all out on inspiration for art and audio, we made a way to make the customers modular so we could make a wide variety of them for testing, and we made some mock up screens of what the UI is going to look like and feel like. After that I was a tester for the QA Lab and got to play a bunch of other senior games and I was so impressed! A lot of the things I've been hearing is what people want to improve on, but actually being able to sit down and play them was fantastic and I loved being able to help out my fellow seniors. Finally the week ended with a team discipline review with Professor Wehr. We showed off our current prototype and he thought that it showed promise and that we could potentially be the first RPG-esque game making it through to next semester. He then gave us some good inspirations and feedback on our art and audio direction, we're going for a Viking/Mongolion blend which Professor Wehr has a degree in medieval history so he helped us with that. Looking forward for next week we plan on challenging Vertical Slice and implementing a way to tie all 3 system together for a fun and engaging experience.

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