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Capstone - Proof of Concept Stage

This week we challenged to get into the Proof of Concept Stage. We presented our newly combined idea, with the working title The Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is a merchant-style, resource management game with elements of an action/adventure hack-and-slash. In our presentation we talked about the steps leading to the creation of The Grandmaster, including how the team was divided and how we finally united behind this idea. We talked about how we want our players to feel like they have already enough experience as a run of the mill adventurer and how we want them to feel like they can become the person guiding fledgling adventurers and managing different aspects, like running a shop, giving quests, and making money. Ultimately we passed in, but Professor Manley felt like we really need to show him our solidified art and audio direction, as well as show which of our three systems is the main mechanic of the game and how we plan on fleshing that out.

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