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Capstone - Working Remotely from Arizona

This past week I have been in Phoenix, AZ for a family reunion and wedding for my cousin. It's been a great week so far! My family and I went to the Grand Canyon, went golfing on a 1.5 Million dollar course, and even explored Phoenix's night life. Of course I couldn't leave my team hanging though! Before I left, we decided that we want to challenge out of the Deep Dive stage, so we delegated tasks to meet all the check list points and come up with what we wanted to say when we present. I'm in charge of the power point presentation and organizing what order everything should go in. I'm feeling pretty confident with how things look right now, I'm sure the class and Professor Manley will have plenty of feedback for us and give us a sense of what we need to focus on when we get into Proof of Concept.

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