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Fort Gungnir - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Level Mod

  • Design and document the space for player to traverse.

  • Learn Creation Kit's unique toolset and how best to implement them.

  • Match the feel of similar dungeons found in the base game.

Fort Gungnir is an abandoned Imperial fortress that has fallen into disrepair. Located on the border of the Tundra and the Reach, this fortification was once used to guard the road between Whiterun and Markarth. With the Empire no longer using it, the Forsworn has decided to try and bring Fort Gungnir back to its old glory. The player must stop the Forsworn before they can fully claim Fort Gungnir.


Fort Gungnir is a personal project of mine that I created with the Creation Kit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I had two purposes in mind when I created this dungeon, the first being to re-learn the Creation Kit software since it had been awhile since I had used it last, and the second being that I had noticed there were few areas of Skyrim where the Forsworn enemies gave the feeling like they were attempting to create a fortification for themselves. I combined the two purposes and decided to make a collapsed and abandoned Imperial Fortress that the Forsworn would want to rebuild and use as a base of operations.

I felt like creating a small, 3 room dungeon would be a great project to get back into the swing of the Creation Kit, and it would be easier to construct. It would be easier since I could really focus on those rooms and get their pacing and flow feeling good to the player. I could also give the illusion of a much larger space by creating hallways that are blocked by rubble that Forsworn could be mining, thus giving the illusion that they are trying to rebuild.

Fort Gungnir is currently available on, the button directly below this will take you to the Mod Page. At the top of this page is a quick gameplay reel showing a walkthrough of the dungeon.

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