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For King and Country Expansion

  • Plan out and document the flow of each dungeon.

  • Construct each dungeon in a way that nearly matches that of the base game.

  • Combine assets in a way that the base game does not.

  • Script enemy encounters to engage the player

For King and Country is a level mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mod itself is a series of dungeons and Point of Interest areas in the external world of Tamriel. 

The narrative of this mod is that there is a large crew of bandits terrorizing the area and have dug themselves into 4 unique locations throughout the Western Holds. As the player discovers these areas the player will learn who these bandits are, their backstories, and their motivations for their actions.

My design philosophy going into this project was to keep going along with the usual architecture and layout of other dungeons of that variety (Nordic Ruins, Mines, Caves, etc.) but utilize some of those assets in a unique way to make more memorable areas for the player. I put my philosophy into action by either making rooms out of different assets opposed to the assets labeled "Such and such room" and really relied on free standing wall, floor, and ceiling assets as well as environmental clutter assets as well.

I tested this mod as frequently as I could, bringing it to friends and acquaintances who have experience playing Skyrim on PC and know about the world of Skyrim as well. I would ask my testers what they thought of the environment and pacing of the levels, as well as general feedback. Most of the responses I got were positive, saying how the levels had a nice flow and really felt like they fit in Skyrim. But my biggest critique was probably how the AI behaved in the dungeons. These AI enemies would spawn correctly then move to an area where it was harder for the player to attack them, and would possibly get stuck. I fixed this problem by making many iterations of each navmesh made for the dungeon as well as examining all the AI Data Packages for each type of enemy to make sure they behaved exactly as I wanted them to behave.

For King and Country Expansion is available now on the Mod page. Click the button below to check it out!

Blind Eagle Mine - A mine utilizing both Cave and Mine assets. Focused on Hallway Assets to make the unique boss encounter room
Wreck of the Sea Wolf - An exterior point of interest located in Morthal. I tried to combine the shipwreck camp and fortified bandit camps together.
Fort Hardrada - An Imperial Fortress taken over by bandits. I wanted to create a tower that had 3 unique floors, a Storage floor, Armory floor, and Prison floor. I also focused on making a Great Hall that would act as the boss encounter room.
Dragon Ridge Hollow - This is a Nordic Ruins/Cave dungeon. I wanted to really focus on the transition from Cave to Ruin, so I had to utilize a lot of the free standing assets in order to get the feel that I wanted.
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