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The Damnation
  • Create a mission using an existing space from vanilla Destiny 2

  • Ensure the encounter matches the overall narrative of the questline

  • Provide a ramp up in difficulty for the questline

This is the first mission in the Last Word Questline for Destiny 2: Black Armory. In this mission the player is sent to Titan and must track down and stop a Hive ritual that creates new versions of the weapons of sorrow. Players witness the ritual and then must destroy the wizards in order to defeat the boss created by the ritual.


When designing this mission I really wanted to focus on using the space of the Lost Sector, Cargo Bay 3, to create unique encounters. The space is separated to 3 alleys, I put the wizards at the ends of the Left and Right alleys so players would have to really move around. I placed more major combatants in the Center alley in order to give more of a challenge to players when they were moving between alleys.

Video courtesy of WoWQuests

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