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Rekindle The Flames:


  • Design an encounter to get players familiar with the space

  • Match the designed experience with the narrative of the questline

This is the first mission in the Izanami Forge questline in the Black Armory DLC for Destiny 2. The purpose of this mission is to familiarize the player with the new space where players will return not only later in the questline but in the endgame ritual activity.

The player must purge the forge of Vex corruption by scanning confluxes scattered around the space. Once all the confluxes are scanned, the player must fight a boss to free the Forge. Once the shield is down the player learns that the Vex broke the Forge and the player must repair it by completing the questline.

Originally this mission was going to be solely a combat encounter and then an interaction with the Forge, however that did not give the players enough time to move around the space and learn how to traverse it. This problem was solved when I decided to put a Vex shield around the Forge to show that the Vex captured it, this then presented a unique gameplay aspect of the player moving around the space to scan confluxes in order to bring the shield down. This new gameplay aspect allowed me to achieve all the goals set for this mission.

Video courtesy of mmarkster

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