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The Menagerie - Lamplighting

  • Organize and implement the variations of The Menagerie game mode.

  • Design and Iterate on the Lamplighting encounter.

  • Work with Artists and Engineers to ensure that we provide the best Menagerie experience.

     The Menagerie is an Endgame Ritual activity where 6 players play through 6 different encounters. The better they do in the encounters the higher complete percentage they get, which brings them to the boss encounter sooner. One of my tasks on this project was to organize different variations of those encounters so when the players jump into The Menagerie they get the impression that the order is randomized. My plan for creating all of these variations was to keep players moving from room to room and never have 2 encounters that take place in the same room back to back. I knew if that happened then the encounter specific objects would hard-spawn in and look very jarring to the players. With that in mind I was able to come up with 10 unique variations that were able to put each encounter in the spotlight at least once.

     My other responsibility was to design and iterate on the opening encounter called Lamplighting. The Lamplighting encounter has the players fight through enemies where large bosses drop two orbs, players then pick up those orbs and bring them to specified braziers to dunk. Once they dunk the brazier lights up with blue flame and when all braziers are lit the encounter ends. A lot of the work I did on this focused on balancing the combat encounter so that it felt like a good warm-up encounter to prepare players for the more difficult encounters later on. A lot of the problems I faced were mainly having the encounter be too difficult or having networking issues with the orbs dropping.

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