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NBA 2K22

  • Design and implement cameras for in-game shops.

  • Fix issues with the Gatorade Training Facility mini-games.

  • Maintain quality of Neighborhood experience for players.

     The NBA 2K franchise has a dedicated space for social interactions and PvP games among it's players called "The Neighborhood". My duties as an Associate Designer were mainly working in the Neighborhood space to ensure the best experience possible.

     One of the ways I made the Neighborhood experience better was by designing and implementing unique cameras for our shops. These were scripted and animated cameras that allowed the player to see more of the shop environment art and see more of what the store offers to the player.

     Another big responsibility of mine was to take make sure that the mini-games in the Gatorade Training Facility worked and gave the appropriate boosts to the player. The Gatorade Training Facility was an area of the Neighborhood that resembled a top of the line athletic training facility where players could perform workout and get boosts to their stats. I fixed a number of issues ranging from incorrect animations being played to issues with networked aspects of these workouts.


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